Thursday 5 July 2012


Most of us know how to prepare ourselves for examinations. We spend considerable time and effort to plan our holidays.

But do we know how to put our house in order if we receive the news that we have only a few months to live?

Death is no respecter of persons, whether rich or poor, young or old. We prefer not to think about it but the harsh reality is we all have to face it one day.

No one can say they have learnt how to live life well until they have learnt how to face death squarely in the face.

Thinking about eternity forces us to reassess our values and goals in life. In the final analysis, are the things we cherish in life worth pursuing? Or put in another way, is our ladder leaning on the right wall?

The rich man who broke down his barns and built bigger barns, thinking that a bigger storehouse of riches will take care of him the rest of his life, was sadly mistaken when the Grim Reaper suddenly came knocking at his door.

The dreams of a young college undergraduate – who thought the sky’s the limit when she graduated – were snuffed out when she met with a road accident.

The senior citizen, gripped by the fear of death with advancing years, attempts to set his mind at ease with pleasurable distractions. He travels round the world and splurges on the best cuisine, evading the issue where his soul will be when he leaves this earth.

How well prepared are we to face death? It’s not only for seniors but for all ages. For you never know when it comes.

To the degree we face death well, that will be the measure of how well we live the remaining years of our lives here on earth.

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By embracing a God-inspired vision, we can live purposefully—by design and not by default.

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