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Besides making biblical truth simple for the average believer, one of the avowed aims of this blog is to defend the truth against the invasion of “feel good” and false teachings, which entice, deceive and lead many gullible believers along the slippery path of damnation. 


Medical practitioner

Ex-elder of Baptist church

Former editor of “Asian Beacon" magazine (December 2008– October 2011)

Current contributor to “Asian Beacon" magazine and its website: 


Current contributor to website of “Christianity Malaysia”: 


Established in 1969, Asian Beacon is Malaysia’s most well-established interdenominational Christian magazine. Its aim is to help readers understand contemporary issues in light of the Bible. It also testifies to God's power in transforming lives and seeks to be an agent of change in the community.

Launched in September 2012, Christianitymalaysia.com is Malaysia’s most comprehensive Christian news website. Its vision is to deliver up-to-date news, information and articles across denominational lines for the edification of the body of Christ in Malaysia.

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