Sunday 3 February 2013


It’s a world where money talks. How are believers going to live out their faith in a world where almost everything requires money? 

My plumber had chest pains and went to consult a cardiologist in General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. He was diagnosed with coronary artery disease and was advised to go for open heart surgery (coronary bypass operation). 

But being a public hospital with many needy patients awaiting treatment, he was put on a waiting list. But the 50-year man never made it for his turn and succumbed to a heart attack.

If he had enough money, he would have availed himself of early treatment at one of several posh private hospitals in the capital – and, most likely, would have survived. 

In a sense, the world is unfair. Unless you have the money, you can’t call the shots. You will have to wait for your turn like the other plebeians.

“Money is not everything but without money you can do almost nothing.”

This reminds me of the lyrics of Abba’s  evergreen “Money, Money, Money”:

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man's world
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It's a rich man's world
It's a rich man's world.

For most of us, unless we are born rich or marry a rich partner, we will have to grapple with money issues and making a living.

That said, we should not be too engrossed with making money or be unduly worried over money that we leave out faith in God.

As believers, how can we manage our personal finances as well as be responsible stewards of the money God has entrusted to us?

How can believers attain a sense of control over their money and not have to face the situation where there is “too much month at the end of the money”?

How can we have sufficient resources to meet every need, both present and future? Are there biblical principles which can help us achieve financial independence?

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  1. Dear Poh Ann,

    I just bought the Feb-Mac 2013 issue of Asian Beacon and I enjoyed reading your article on Faith and Financial Freedom ! Praise the Lord! You have inspired me and my thoughts that I decided to read your blog.Thank you.

  2. Dear Elaine,
    I am glad you found the article interesting. What I have tried is to simplify biblical truths so that everyone can use them to attain financial freedom.
    If we dig deep into God's Word, and meditate on it, we will find gems which might turn out into nuggets of gold. God desires to meet our material needs but He does not necessarily make all of us wealthy. God bless.