Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The need to “rewire” our lives in a highly connected world


In a highly connected world – what with wifi and mobile devices to keep us constantly in touch while we’re on the go – our lives have become so markedly different from that of our forefathers.

Yet, like our ancestors, we all need to relate at a personal level. We are all hardwired for relationships in the real world and intimacy with God. 1

Hence the need to rewire ourselves so that we can keep our forays and exploits in the virtual world in check.

In a sense, everyone has to be an “electrician”.

To keep ourselves in check, here are some questions to pose to ourselves:

  • How many hours do we spend online, not only at the desk but while we're on the go?

  • Since our initiation into social media and mobile technology, has our relationship with our loved ones taken a beating?

  • How has our personal devotion (Bible study and prayer) been?

  • As we grapple with the information overload 2 in our lives, has there been a corresponding increase in wisdom gained through reflection and meditation? 3

  • Are we able to shut off technology when we come to the table to connect with friends and family members?

  • Has the Internet caused us to have short attention span? Have we become shallow and superficial in our thinking, tending to skim and skip as we browse?

  • Have we been able to sustain a keen interest in serious thought-provoking articles and books?

  • Can we do with at least half a day (or one day) fast from technology per week? 4

  • Do we feel the need to constantly upgrade our mobile devices to the latest models available?



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3   MEDITATE FOR SUCCESS   http://bit.ly/1gYOVq1


4   BATTLING A MEDIA FAST  http://bit.ly/1tS9XPq

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