Friday 13 November 2015


Someone commented on my blog post—EIGHT KEY TENETS OF HYPER-GRACE DOCTRINE REFUTED—which is found at this link,

“Though I have some reservations on hyper-grace pastor Prince's messages, I see more flaws in your understanding of Scriptures. Instead of dividing the body of Christ and playing into the enemy's (satan's) scheme, why not use this blog or Facebook to preach a message of hope to the lost, downtrodden and needy? Our Lord Jesus said that the harvest indeed is plentiful but the labourers are few. Why not answer that urgent call rather than waste time & energy putting down another labourer of the Lord?”

Here is my response:

Firstly, I applaud your concern about fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Yes, we should not waste our time and energy debating on minor issues, which only stir up controversy.

But we need to ask ourselves whether these hyper-grace teachings are merely minor issues that believers can shrug off. I do not think so.

Many Christian leaders are similarly appalled by the teachings of hyper-grace. They are sounding alarm bells. Please see articles by THREE well-respected Christian leaders, John Burton, Dr. Michael Brown and Roger Sapp, at the end of this blog post.

Secondly, while it is important to share the Good News (or salvation message) to pre-believers, it is also important to snatch out from the fire believers who are headed for destruction, whether through willful sinning or deception (Jude 1:23).

While some have the gift of evangelism and bring in a mighty harvest of souls, others conserve the gains made in God’s kingdom through rebuke, correction and warning so that believers do not go astray. Though the latter are not evangelists, they snatch out of the fire wayward believers and thus help to reduce the attrition rate.

At this juncture, I hope you do get my point that it is useless to start out well and then, along the way in our spiritual walk, we get deceived and fall by the wayside. It must be remembered that only overcomers receive the reward (Matthew 24:9-13, Revelation 3:5). In this respect, believers must be warned of the dangerous deception posed by hyper-grace, which gives a false sense of security to believers.


The true gospel tells us there is a price to be paid for following God and the way to heaven is narrow and difficult whereas the false gospel of hyper-grace entices man with benefits and gives us a comforting but false assurance that the way to heaven is going to be easy.

Thirdly, we often assume that Christians are supposed to be kind, good-natured and tolerant in every situation. However, that is not the stance adopted by apostles Paul, Peter and John in relation to false teachings. They made sure they took a strong stand against destructive heresies (2 Timothy 4:1-4; 2 Peter 2:1; 1 John 4:1).

Does emphasis on evangelism mean that we cannot contend against false teaching? No.

Fourthly, you mentioned about the danger of playing into the enemy's scheme. How can we be sure who is playing into satan’s schemes—whether it is you or Iunless we scrutinise the teachings of man against the Word, like the faithful Bereans. Otherwise, we may be deceived and led up the garden path to damnation by destructive heresy.

Fifthly, regarding your concern about dividing the body of Christ, what is the point of preserving unity if it is at the expense of TRUTH?

Sixthly, please substantiate your statement that “I see more flaws in your understanding of the glorious Scriptures”. I am waiting for you to specifically point out the errors in my post, EIGHT KEY TENETS OF HYPER-GRACE DOCTRINE REFUTED—which is found at this link,

Finally, it is my hope that the readers of this blog may prayerfully go through all the links provided and make up your own mind. If you are truthful to yourself, and diligently study the Word, I am sure you will come to the inevitable conclusion that hyper-grace is one of the most dangerous heresies extant in the modern church.






Here is the original comment by the blog reader. It has been edited for clarity and grammar and presented at the top of this blog post in blue.

“Dear Dr. Though I have some reservations on Pastor Prince's messages but I see more flaws in your understanding of the glorious Scriptures! Instead of further dividing the Body of Christ and being played into the enemy's scheme, why not use this blog/Facebook to preach this message of hope to the lost, the downtrodden and the needy? Our Lord Jesus said that harvest indeed is plentiful but the laborers are fill. Why not answer to that urgent call than wasting time & energy putting down on another laborer of the Lord.”

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