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Book Review

Title of Book: From Darkness to Glorious Light

Author: Lim Min
Reviewer: Lim Poh Ann
Publisher: Armour Publishing, Singapore.

How God raised a spirit worshipper from the dead and used him mightily as an evangelistattested by signs and wonders. This hard-to-put-down-book is like a modern-day sequel to the book of Acts.


                                             Tam Ki (left) with author Lim Min 

Raised in an obscure village in the western part of Myanmar, Tam Ki was entrenched in the dark world of spirit worship and lived in constant fear of the spirits. At 20, he had a severe illness and died. He was transported to Heaven and came face to face with Jesus, who instructed him to return to earth to tell others not to worship spirits and to believe in God. He was miraculously raised from the dead to fulfil this calling.

It was God’s sovereign will to single out Tam Ki for His purpose — just as He turned the life of apostle Paul around through a blinding light as he was persecuting believers. At that time, Tam Ki wasn’t seeking God at all. He had no access to the Bible since no missionary had ever visited his remote village. Despite cruel persecution and death threats from his own people, he obeyed God’s calling. He shared the Gospel with them, urging them to turn away from spirit worship. It was only later that he was introduced to the Bible through a Baptist minister. God used Tam Ki to heal the sick and cast out evil spirits. Through these miracles, many came to know God. He has planted many churches in Myanmar ever since this life-transforming encounter.

On one occasion, a leper approached Tam Ki and asked for prayer. His bandaged hands were soaked in blood and pus and he stank. He used to nibble off the dead bones with his teeth as the disease had eroded his fingers. Yet God miraculously healed this man. He is now serving as a lay preacher in a leprosy village. Jesus who healed lepers 2000 years ago still performs miracles today!

One evening, while the believers were worshipping God and weeping in repentance at the church in Machung, there were shouts of “Fire! Fire!” Non-believers came rushing to the church with buckets of water. They had seen huge flames blazing around the church from afar. When they arrived, they found no trace of fire. The Holy Spirit was manifesting Himself so mightily that the church seemed to be on fire.

So many other miracles were recorded, including Tam Ki’s deliverance from gunshots, how God used him to raise several people from the dead, and how he was inspired to translate 155 songs in a hymn book from Burmese language into his tribal dialect though he had limited knowledge of Burmese. These stories are bound to bolster your faith and drive you to seek God more.

Author Lim Min, a Singaporean city girl, braved incredible odds traversing mountainous terrain to reach Tam Ki’s village of Machung to gather first-hand information and to verify the facts. Through extensive research and interviews with more than 30 people, corroborating different accounts, she managed to piece together a compelling story.

She did an amazing job of sharing with the English-speaking world how God can use a primitive tribesman for his work. Her passion can be seen in the fact she resigned from her full-time job to devote herself entirely to this project for over 14 months.

Tam Ki and Lim Min were in Malaysia in June recently to promote this book among the churches. The former also ministered to Myanmar church members. This reviewer asked them, “Why don’t we see many of these miracles in Malaysia and Singapore?” Tam Ki replied, “The believers in Myanmar are poor and can only depend on God to provide for their needs or heal them; they have no choice but seek Him and cry out to Him.” Lim Min replied, “Believers in more advanced countries are ‘comfortable’ and tend to be less passionate about seeking God.”

Have we become too “sophisticated”, instead of being simple and child-like in our faith? Or has complacency taken over spiritual hunger?

“My job in the pharmaceutical line required me to be extremely meticulous and this quality helped me a lot while I was doing research for this book,” she added. “Hopefully, this account of Tam Ki’s conversion and his 37 years of ministry — with signs and wonders following — will encourage readers to seek and serve God earnestly.”

From Darkness to Glorious Light is available through the local distributor, Canaanland.

The above article was first published in Asian Beacon magazine, Aug 2011, issue 43.4

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